Mental health is important all year around, yet Children’s Mental Health week provides an important opportunity to have a national conversation about mental health.

R.E.A.L. Independent School Mansfield has a ‘conversation of the week’ board and this month the question was: “How do we help ourselves have good mental health?”

Answers included ‘a good night’s sleep’, ‘keeping in touch with friends’ and ‘doing exercise.’

As well as prompting conversations about mental health, RIS Mansfield created a ‘pot of humour’ during Children’s Mental Health week. The jar is full of jokes for both learners and staff to pick out each morning and is next to the ‘pot of positivity’, a jar with motivational messages.

If any learners are struggling with their mental health, please know they can speak to us. We do offer a counselling service at R.E.A.L. giving children and young people high quality, professional support for a wide range of emotional needs. For all enquiries about our counselling service, please email