There’s not many people who can say they’ve had their work displayed in a museum. However, four learners at R.E.A.L. can proudly announce they’ve achieved this.

Duncan Allen, STEM co-ordinator at R.E.A.L. was organising a visit to The Sherwood Observatory at Mansfield Museum, when he was told about an exhibition of LEGO models.

Duncan said: “The exhibition included 3D printed objects and LEGO models, documenting astrological exploration. I was very keen to promote this with my learners as we’d been studying Mars exploration using 3D printed models, and building programmable space rovers using Lego robotics over the last year.”

Duncan offered to share the learners’ work with the museum who kindly accepted. Duncan said: “The collection complements the current exhibition beautifully.”

The Sherwood Observatory exhibit includes many rockets, satellites, telescopes, educational activities and astronomical photography.

Duncan said: “Our contribution includes a 3D printed multi-tool designed by NASA, to be used on board the international storage station, five space rovers and a display celebrating the women of NASA.”

The exhibition ended on February 17 and all learners received a certificate to honour their work.