When we say Spudman, do you know who we mean? If you don’t then don’t worry, but it does mean you’re not one of the 3.5 million followers he has on TikTok.

A learner at R.E.A.L. who is one of the 3.5 million followers, has recently shared her love of the Spudman by serving up her very own version at R.E.A.L. Nanpantan…

Spudman posts videos and live streams of his work in his jacket potato van in Tamworth. Before the Easter break, the learner worked hard to earn reward tokens and excitedly exchanged them for a trip to visit the van.

Laurie Akroyd, Senior Deputy Head at R.E.A.L. said: “That’s kind of where the idea started after visiting him. She then spoke with me and her cooking teacher Rachel Mayes to make it happen.”

The learner cooked lunch for everyone at Nanpantan, including taking orders from learners and staff, recreating the same fillings that are available from Spudman, and then dishing up! 

Laurie said: “She ensured that everybody formed an orderly queue and even problem solved when we ran out of forks!

“Everybody had a great time and it has actually inspired other learners to want to cook lunch for the whole team in the future.”