We recognise that many of our learners have limited exposure within their home environments to reading and we address this by promoting and fostering a love of reading in school.   Reading is taught across the curriculum to ensure that all learners can become confident, competent and enthusiastic readers.

In order to teach reading effectively we assess learners and use this baseline, along with learners interests to plan and engage them on their reading journey. Through our bespoke curriculum and differentiated reading pathways all  learners are given the opportunity to learn to read at a level appropriate for them.  We use a range of texts to suit individual needs and along with those that provide powerful cross curricular links.

Where our learners need support with their reading through the use of a phonics programme, we use Phonics International (https://phonicsinternational.com/) to support them.  We also use the LEXIA (https://www.lexiauk.co.uk/) learning online literacy intervention programme to support our learners with their literacy development.

It is our aim that all learners are able to read for pleasure as well as functionally.  This will support them in all aspects of their learning and prepare them well for adult life.  For many of our learners  reading programmes may look different but our high expectations, flexible approach and curriculum pathways support learners to make progress and leave with an accredited outcome.