It’s incredibly important at R.E.A.L. for learners to feel like their voices are heard; for our learners to know they’re in a comfortable environment where they can suggest ideas and changes they’d like to see.

Learners at Concorde House, RIS Mansfield have a ‘Learner Voice’ display board as a platform to write down their suggestions.

Victoria Gardner, Deputy Headteacher at R.E.A.L. said: “The board is a valued part of our routine at Concorde and learners write their suggestions every half term.”

At the beginning of the year, a new request was submitted for ‘more dogs’ and learners were not disappointed as they were greeted by the lovely Lola and Albus.

Victoria said: “Everyone loves having the dogs around and they’re highly regarded members of the team.”

Previous suggestions have resulted in the refurbishment of a building, repurposing an outdoor area into a ‘chill zone’ and going on theatre trips.

Victoria said: “Lola and Albus have built lovely relationships with the young people and regularly seek cuddles from everybody. Sometimes even a lunch or two!”